Christmas: what’s it all about?


Why make a fuss about the birth of Jesus Christ. The world clutters up Christmas with anything and everything to hide the need we have of a Saviour. These messages declutter Christmas.

speakersm3 What does the name ‘Jesus’ mean? David Harding
speakersm3 Why did Jesus come? Dan Hill
speakersm3 What’s Christmas all about?
Julian Hurst
speakersm3 God became man – John 1:14
Howard Crossley
speakersm3 Finding Christ at Christmas – Luke 2 David Harding
speakersm3 What’s in a name? – Matthew 1 David Harding
speakersm3 Preparing for Christmas Dan Hill
speakersm3 The wonder of Christmas – John 1 Howard Crossley
speakersm3 Wise men still seek Jesus – Matthew 2 Julian Hurst
speakersm3 No room at Christmas David Harding
speakersm3 The reason for the season David Harding
speakersm3 What do you think about Christmas? Julian Hurst
speakersm3 Celebrating Christmas David Owen