Gifts from Christ

gifts from Christ

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The peace of God – a gift from Christ

We receive every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. His gifts are poured out on us with unquestionable generosity. This series considers a number of those gifts listed in the Gospel of John. So many today are obsessed with the spectacular and false gifts of prophecy, knowledge and tongues claimed by the charismatic movement, or who believe every leader who boasts gifts of healing. The true gifts were for a time when the Holy Scriptures were still incomplete, and were signs authenticating the apostles. Having served their purpose they were removed and the Bible alone is the rule of our faith and conduct. However, we can continue to explore those permanent gifts from our Saviour which are for every believer until He returns.

1speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – Living Water
2speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – Living Bread
3speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – Eternal Life
4speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – an example
5speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – A new commandment
6speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – His glory
7speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – His Word
8speakersm3 Gifts from Christ – His Peace