Introducing Jesus

introducing jesus

names-of-JesusWho is Jesus Christ?

In this series, David Harding introduces us to the Jesus Christ of the Bible. The promises God made to send Him, His coming, sinless life, death as a substitutionary sacrifice, bodily resurrection, ascension and promised second coming as judge are all brought before us from the Bible in these messages.

speakersm3 Introducing Jesus – Who is He?
He had authority over sickness, circumstances, Satan, His servants and sin. “Who can forgive sins, but God alone?” That questions still stands today as evidence that He is both God and Man.
speakersm3 Introducing Jesus – Why did He come?
The Bible tells us that He came to fulfil God’s promises, and to fulfil God’s purposes.
speakersm3 Introducing Jesus – What did He do?
From the Bible we learn that He was born like no other man, lived like not other man, spoke like no other man, died like no other man, rose again like no other man and ascended into heaven like no other man. The question you could ask is whether He has ever done anything for you.
speakersm3 Introducing Jesus – Where is He now?
In a profoundly significant message, we learn that throughout time, until He returns, Jesus is in His people’s home – heaven, and at the same time, He is in His people’s hearts.
speakersm3 Introducing Jesus – Forever!
Everey believer will spend eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ in His home. It is a new home, a holy home, a happy home. However, it is not the only home that exists in eternity. There is a heaven and a hell. Each is a permanent home. Is heaven your home?