wp7385b97c_05_06The 150 psalms include prayers, proverbs and prophecies. The shortest is a couple of verses and the longest is 176. Some are about salvation and others about sorrow. Faith is expressed through perplexity or praise, confidence or confusion, weakness, loneliness, opposition, sin, and spiritual depression.
They are songs worth singing. Their Divine Author is the Lord Jesus Christ, and they focus on Him.

Psalm 1speakersm3 How do you know if you have been blessed by God?
Psalm 2speakersm3 Listen! Learn! and trust in Christ.
Psalm 4speakersm3 Believer, don’t lose sleep over those who trouble you.
Psalm 5:1-3speakersm3 Why I pray and read the Bible in the morning.
Psalm 5:4-12speakersm3 Why I pray and read the Bible in the morning.
Psalm 19speakersm3 Part 1: The glory of God in creation and the grace of God in scripture.
Psalm 19speakersm3 Part 2: My response to the glory of God in creation and the grace of God in scripture.
Psalm 23speakersm3 Happy in life, if the Lord is your shepherd
Psalm 23speakersm3 Happy in death, if the Lord is your shepherd
Psalm 23speakersm3 Happy in eternity, if the Lord is your shepherd
Psalm 27speakersm3 Don’t be Mr Fearing! When troubles come peace of heart and confidence in the Lord are often the first two casualties. This psalm helps us.
Psalm 29speakersm3 Powerful people from every sphere of life think they are untouchable. So often they think either that God is on their side, or that they can say and do as they please. This psalm says otherwise.
Psalm 32speakersm3 How do you know if you are forgiven? also see Topics
Psalm 38speakersm3 We need God’s help
Psalm 45speakersm3 “I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus.”
Psalm 48speakersm3 God is glorified in the church
Psalm 49speakersm3 Don’t join the gold rush
Psalm 51speakersm3 A backslider comes back part 1
Psalm 51speakersm3 A backslider comes back part 2
Psalm 63speakersm3 Thirsting for God
Psalm 65speakersm3 It’s Sunday. It’s 11am. What are we waiting for?
Psalm 66speakersm3 What is your testimony of God today?
Psalm 91speakersm3 Praise God! He’s in control, even when the wicked flourish.
Psalm 95speakersm3 Let us worship joyfully, reverently, daily!
Psalm 98speakersm3 Let us sing a new song in a new way!
Psalm 103speakersm3 Three great mercies: God’s pardon, patience and pity
Psalm 106speakersm3 Pray this prayer: Lord, bless me in the same way that you bless your people; give me your salvation
Psalm 107speakersm3 How does God show His goodness in the world. This psalm tells us that we can explore a number of situations and observe how difficulties result in saving blessings.
Psalm 110speakersm3 The significance of the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Psalm 113speakersm3 Who is like the Lord our God?
Psalm 117speakersm3 Two great reasons to praise the Lord.
Psalm 119speakersm3 Are we, like sheep, going astray? Are we hearing God’s words to us? Come back to the Shepherd. (Andy McIntosh)
Psalm 121speakersm3 Christians on their journey to heaven find help in their trials, temptations and troubles.
Psalm 127speakersm3 Parents can have peace as they bring up their children for Christ.
Psalm 131   speakersm3

Humility ¦  Richard Hilliard

Psalm 139speakersm3 Why does God bother with man?
Psalm 140speakersm3 Christ prayed for deliverance from His enemies and the destruction of His enemies.
Psalm 145speakersm3 The psalmist speaks of His experience of His God and Saviour.

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