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Science and Christianity: Friends or Foes? Professor Steve Taylor

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How does the Christian Faith work in practice?


Roger Carswell, a passionate evangelical and proud Yorkshire-man interviews special guests as they tell the story of their lives. He then applies it to his audience.

Fiona Castle

31 years of marriage to the entertainer Roy Castle, and I lost him to cancer…

Fiona was married to the entertainer and Record Breakers TV presenter in the 80s and 90s Roy Castle, before Roy died of lung cancer. Fiona was given an OBE in 2004 for her work nationally and internationally with charities including Cancer Research UK and Global Care.

Sue Ward

My mother tried to kill me…

Sue experienced a tough childhood, an abusive husband and now has a painful disability. She searched for meaning in paganism but after finding Jesus her life has been transformed, enabling her to forgive her mother after 44 years of hatred towards her.

Debbie Flood

Rowing for gold…

Debbie tells us about her experiences as a Great Britain rower. She has competed in the last 3 Olympics and 9 world championships, winning 2 silvers and 3 golds. She explains how her faith is an integral part of all aspects of her life and career.

David Donegani

They’ll probably only live till they’re teenagers…

David, who is the father of four children, shares how twenty years ago two of them were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. This meant they would probably only live into their teenage years. He shares his story of what it’s like to trust Jesus in the face of such trials.

Stuart Burgess

School dropout, to rocket scientist…

Stuart is a rocket scientist and uses his scientific background to show why he believes there is a purposeful design and beauty in creation. At school he was put into the bottom set and forced to leave at 16, but after working for the European Space Agency he now lectures at Bristol University.

Robin Oake

A senior police officer whose son was murdered.

Billy McCurrie

As a teenager in the troubles of Northern Ireland he was involved in serious terrorist activity. What is it that transformed his life?

Real Lives Real Life – Billy McCurrie.

Euan Murray – Scottish International Rugby Player