wp5a6127cc_06Sunday worship 11 am and 6.00 pm
Our mission:
To bring honour to Christ by our worship and witness.
Our message:
‘This is a trustworthy saying, and worthy to be accepted by everyone, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.’ 1 Timothy 1:15
Our meeting place:
Milnrow Evangelical Church,
22 New Street, Milnrow, Rochdale OL16 3PQ Find us
Our ministers:
David Harding email
Julian Hurst email

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thinking things through


Christianity Explored is a site that explores the Christian faith including personal stories. The common theme is how they began thinking things through.


Our pastor has provided The Christian Answer website with a huge number of resources giving serious answers to sincere questions.


If you want to get started by considering the life of Jesus Christ, take a look at Mark Time. Each day for 52 days you could read and listen to the reading of a short passage from the gospel of Mark. Following the reading is a few comments about the meaning.

You can also listen and read online another book by Gerard Chrispin called “Amazing Acts” which works through the whole of the Acts of the Apostles in 3 volumes and 63 sections. The passage is read and then Gerard gives helpful comments. It is from the book in the New Testament that shows how Jesus Christ brought many people to Himself through the preaching of the good news in the years after His death, resurrection and ascension.

Euan Murray – Scottish International Rugby Player

Big Questions

Christianity Explored – a course studying the Christian faith
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