“We preach Christ; and him crucified.’ A sermon without Christ in it is like a loaf of bread without any flour in it.” – Charles Spurgeon

Old Testament

The Old Testament contains 39 books written over a period of about 1500 years. They begin with the story of creation, and end 450 years before the coming of the promised Saviour. The pastors have preached through numerous books of the Old Testament and the relevance of the books in preparing us to have confidence that Jesus is the promised and prefigured Saviour as our prophet priest and king is essential in understanding the New Testament. These messages are full of vital teaching for us today.


New Testament

The New Testament comprises 27 books. Some are just two or three paragraphs, others are large history books including the four accounts of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, and the history of the first century and the rapid expansion of churches as people believed the good news about forgiveness through the Lord Jesus. Unless we find our Christianity in the pages of the New Testament we can be sure it is not Christianity!


Online Sermons 

During the Covid-19 restrictions, we have been providing online sermons due not being able to meet at our church building. These were our weekend meetings during this time.


Series and Individual Topic

The Bible contains no contradictions. It teaches about creation and sin, how to be saved, and what happens when we die. It counsels about marriage, wealth, work, laziness, depression, and so on. It speaks to fathers, mothers and children, husbands and wives, singles, divorcees and widows. Its sum and centre is the person and work of Jesus Christ. It teaches everything essential for us to know about the greatest questions of all. Where have we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going to? Listen in and find answers


Individual Messages

There are many other pastors whose ministry has been helpful